Anyone ever put Dog winter jackets and boots on their Ducks or Chickens ??


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Champion, Michigan
So, Im at a feed store today when I just started thinking about those insulated, waterproof jackets that have the velcro straps under the

dog's belly.

The more I looked at these , the more I noticed that they are the same principle as Hen Aprons, but has more protection.

I pictured my ducks with it on..there was nothing that would obstruct their bottoms, heads, etc.

I looked at the " boots " that come with the jacket, and they look like they can fit on a duck's feet.

I live in a Sub Zero area with winds making our temps sometimes -25 below 0.

My ducks love to go outside of their nice warm coop, but then Ive seen them shiver alot.

Has Anyone ever used these dog jackets and boots on their ducks or chickens?

I dont know if I ever would, but Im just curious.

Are there any such garments in existence?
I've wondered the same thing! I've been seeing my ducks shiver ALL the time, and it makes me so sad. I feel like as long as the garment is not obstructing anything, then I don't see how it could be a problem. Of course, I could be wrong!
I don't use dog jackets, but I knit or make my own from old jackets if there's a hen who moults in the winter.There are plenty of patterns on the web.

I leave padded poultry saddles on a couple, too.

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