Anyone expecting to have extra polish chicks this Spring?

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    Jan 9, 2015
    I've just signed up for this website, so I can start learning about... CHICKENS.
    So, I'd like to add to my flock of motley girls who peck around the property and to include some extravagant polish chickens... I'm not a farmer, or someone who is looking for any kind of benefit from having chickens. I really enjoy having chickens prowling around, looking for goodies in the dirt and being a part of the community of other animals and people around. As I come out to have a cigarette, I like to watch the one-year-old girls (and Lancelot, the chick that's turned out to be a dude) doing their thing. I guess, I've just gotten to appreciate these creatures aesthetically as they roam the yard. I don't expect anything from the girls. I think they live a good life here. They make eggs, which we steal and eat because they are way more delicious than the store-bought ones, but really egg production is not our point either. If these awesome girls lie no eggs, it'd be quite alright with me. I just like the flock and observing it's dynamics...
    Where could I get some polish breed chicks for this spring? I'd really like to provide a great home for a couple of these girls and ad them to the flock. I like how they look; they'd be so rad walking around the land... The place is in El Cajon, near San Diego, CA. How could I get some of those?

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