Anyone experienced dead bodies?Update photos/home #149

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    Well today this morning, ambulance, fire truck and four cop cars, a fire chief and two morticians showed up my neighbor's house across the street. Such commotion going on , saw the ambulance backed up, fire truck arrived whiile the lady was visiably upset. I was sitting in my chair looking out my big window seeing all of it unfolded. I do not know WHY so many cops and many fire fighters on the site.

    First run by ambulance personnel and firemen entering the house, less than a minute, they went outside gagging and sweating bullets, one fireman puked and resigned himself into the fire truck, sicker than a dog. Then some of the strong stomached firemen entered the house with masks and kleenex suits. Less than five minutes, they whipped the suits off. They gathered around to talk about everything and made alot of calls on their cell phones. Four city police cars showed up, gathered around again and talked some more. Police interviewed all people around the property. Close friends stopped by, to comfort the mom who found her dead son's body, kept the dog at a distance (the dog has fleas and stink high heaven), then the coroner arrived, entered the house, less than 20 seconds, he backed out of the house and gathered up everyone at the rescue personnel. Everyone got the hazmat suits on, rubber boots, masks, covered head to toe. Entered the house, within ten minutes or so, a body, pretty bloated, and bruised yellow on the backboard and they covered the body up. I wished I had not seen the body but I was curious to see whats going on. However I did not expect to see a dead body, never saw one, let alone on TV which they don't show much but this takes the cake! I thought bodies would turn white or grey when dead, not yellow. The guy was nice, morbily obese of 300 lbs, tons of health problems of diabetes, heart problems, hip and knee problems that he was bedridden in the past year that we last saw him. He never show his face, ever since then and we thought he was in jail (because of his past history of drug dealings). They hauled him away, the cops chatted awhile and the city guy came up and chat with them.

    The whole ordeal of a circus lasted about three hours. Two hours later, the city guy came up and posted a neon yellow sign in the door. I can not make out what it is but it is not good. The maillady said when she delivers the mail, she could smell strong stench of cat and dog urine and poop on the floor, she also saw tons of garbage and boxes all the way up to the ceiling. It was HOT today over 90 degrees. They have one cocker spaniel, pitiful looking, never been groomed or taken out to relief himself. Matted as well. I don't see any cats but my neighbor next to me said they used to have six to eight cats. The ciity has been after them for trash, unsafe condition, rodents, etc. and the roof was in such bad shape that the city told them if they don't get it fixed, they will evict them. Well some organization stepped in for low income, tore the roof off and made it worthwhile. That was last year. Now the house may not be habitable anymore if that is what the signs says. Hubby will go over there and find out for sure if it is it or manatory to bring the house back to standard. If the firemen and medical personnel look sick, gagging and refusing to go in the house, then it has to be that bad. I would not be surprised if the house is unfit for habitat and it will be slated for demoliation by they city. After all, the house is owned by the hospital because of the past owe dues that their mother died and they could not pay for her hospitalization so the hospital put a lien on it. I am waiting to see what happens. All is left is the mother.....and her dog.

    So seeing the guy's body, it was troublesome in my mind, it burns in my head in what I saw. I must have lead a very sheltered life. [​IMG] Poor guy!
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    [​IMG] Sorry you saw this I have seen many pass as I worked for years as a cna in a nursing home.
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    Yep..I've seen plenty of dead bodies in my life..
    Too many.. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Me too
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    I've seen my share as well, it's never pretty.
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    so was the man rotted? Sounds like the smells were probably from the ammonia levels due to the amount of animal feces in the house. could've contributed to why the guy died.

    That sucks though....
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    I've seen a lot of people pass away. I've been working in nursing homes for 16 years. It's distressing every time, even when you know they've gone to a better place.

    Sometimes the yellowing is caused by excess fat, or he may have had his liver go bad. It's hard to say. Either way, as healthcare professionals, they should have had him completely covered when they brought him out of the house. That kind of upsets me. Even the dead deserve dignity.

    I'm sorry you had to witness this. It's a very disturbing thing to see.

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    He was partly covered from head to knees.....with the wind blowing, saw a glimpse of it....then they covered him with heavier material. I thought for sure they would have put him in a body bag but since he was so huge, I guess they didn't have anything to put him in. And with all the hoarding going on in that house, it would have been a struggle to get him out of it. Six firefighters and two morticians handling the body up and down the stairs. The love ones were around him when they took him out and I was at the right angle to see it. If I was directly in front of the funeral director's van, I woul dnot be able to see it at all.

    Yes he had problems with his liver as well.

    Hubby had to deal with three deaths in his life as an EMT, he said it was not easy but it makes you appreciate life even more.

    The mom arrived with two of her friends, she saw that sign and was ticked! Angry was more like it. She is determined to stay in her own home even with all the stench and so forth. I guess the city officials or health dept can not do anything to evict her now if she is determined to stay in her own home. I was hoping she is packing up her clothes and some belongings and go stay with her friends.
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  9. sorry you had to see that. I've seen enough dead bodies in 2 years working EMT/Paramedic to last me the rest of my life. Such a sad thing to witness the left over husk of a person. Especially when it's in bad condition.
  10. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    How in the world can you stand the stink? Particuarly in a bad home?

    Hats off to those personnel they had to endure this ordeal when their job called for it. [​IMG] I would not be able to stomach it.

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