anyone finished their chickens with eggs??

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by City Chicken, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Aug 25, 2012
    i've seen them finished with milk and corn, with extra fat added... but what about eggs? any reason not to? i mean its super high protein and great fat!
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    Jan 31, 2012
    Centerville, KS
    The wonderful thing about raising your own birds is that there aren't any rules and you can do whatever you think might be a good idea!
    My first and second year I finished birds on cracked corn and a LOT of extra scratch (extra grit must be provided to prevent impacted crops) and they were so fat they quit laying and slaughtering was difficult due to large fat deposits. Gizzard also had stressed walls from being overpacked. Livers become mushy and yellowish from fatty liver disease and aren't salvageable. So I decided to change up since I save these vittles.
    I find raising my birds on a high protein feed (28%) is expensive but it yields a LOT of fat but not too much. I like this because I save it and render it for frying.
    I finish with a large amount or organic alfalfa pellets mixed in the feed. Snow covers the ground and they quit going outside and the green grass is nearly all gone. I find the pasture grass helps give the best full flavor so the pellets fill in what is missing in the cold months before slaughter. Alfalfa is also 17% protein - more then some feeds.
    I worm regularly with high doses of FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth mixed into the feed and occasionally add epsom salt to the water a few times a year to keep livers up to par. I dressed out a BBW Tom at 40.4 pounds with a perfect liver over 1.5 pounds!!

    I start my chicks on cooked eggs and raw goat milk. I think it gives them extra fat to start and a good probiotic to keep them healthy. We do not medicate or vaccinate.
    Just some ideas but don't be afraid to experiment! Pull a few aside and feed them different and see if you like it or if it's worth all the extra work! [​IMG]
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    Aug 25, 2012
    the three i processed before christmas were fed baby formula! i had an extra can that was expired. it's expensive stuff, so i fed it to them. they loved it and i think i helped fatten them as well. i also gave them eggs. wish i had a goat for milk, would be a great supplement.
    we still have grass visible, so no need to supplement greens.
    thanks for all the suggestions!

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