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Anyone Fish, Fly Fish, or make lures? Here is a fishing thread.

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by chicken_angler, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. chicken_angler

    chicken_angler Coop Constructist

    Jun 23, 2008
    a house
    Here you can post all about your fishing trips, stories, and even some of the whoppers you might have caught(or broke your line)!!!

    No making fun of anyone, no swaring, no flamming, and most imprtant--Have FUN!!!

    Here we go.

    I make flies for fly fishing. I have a huge desk full of stuff. Me and my dad are fishaholics! We have about 30 poles. I myself have 2 fly poles. Also I make trolling lures and spinners.

    Anyone else into fishing????
  2. cmcgoun

    cmcgoun Songster

    I just broke my arm fly fishing, and I didnt catch a thing. Rainbow trout is what I was fishing for
  3. chicken_angler

    chicken_angler Coop Constructist

    Jun 23, 2008
    a house
    I havent caught any trout yet, though i would like to try. I mainly fish for bass, cats, and sunfish. They are all pretty tasty!!
  4. PurpleChicken

    PurpleChicken Tolerated.....Mostly

    Apr 6, 2007
    Chickenman, I can sit on the side of a pond or stream with no fishing line
    on my pole and still enjoy fishing.

    My son started getting into it this year. What a great feeling when he
    pulled a bass from the lake.

    Fishing is what great memories are made of.
  5. Cetawin

    Cetawin Chicken Beader

    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    Growing up in Florida, fishing is second nature. I especially love flying fishing for the game fish...wow what fun to fight them into the boat.

    My favorite fish to catch is Snook. It requires patience and skill, there is truly an art to it. When you can look down from the bridge, dock or boat and see the fish and watch it grab your bait and then spit it out as you get ready to set the hook....oh they can be a strain on your patience. LOL
  6. eggchel

    eggchel Crowing Premium Member

    Dec 26, 2006
    Both Coasts
    One of our members, napalongtail, was, at one point, raising roosters (I think Dominiques) to sell their pelts for fly tying.

    I wish I had somewhere to fish besides my ducks kiddie pool. Okay, I wish I knew how to fish, too. LOL

  7. chicken_angler

    chicken_angler Coop Constructist

    Jun 23, 2008
    a house
    I buy a ton of saddle and hackle feathers. Anyone have any to sell?
  8. chicken_angler

    chicken_angler Coop Constructist

    Jun 23, 2008
    a house
    I fish a lot at our house in our pond. It is about 75' x 150' and probably 20' deep. We stocked it with bass, cats, and sunfish. Slowly, they are getting bigger.
    Once i caught a bass and it broke my best pole. I was sad
  9. joerogrz

    joerogrz Songster

    Oct 28, 2008
    Loretto, TN
    I'm really into fly-fishing for the first several months in the year when it starts warming up. I usually fish everyday and wear myself out before it gets really hot. The rest of the year I have time to tie my flies for the next year.

    I started, trout fishing earlier this year. Up until then it was all panfish and the like. I didn't know it until the beginning of the year that they stock trout in some of the streams here in my county. After going there several times and getting very little, I just went for the scenery. Laurel Hill WMA is a beautiful place.

    For the past 4 years or so I've only become interested in fly-fishing again. I did it when I was a kid and never thought much of it after that. I had bought a new fly rod and reel at a Bass Pro Shops in Memphis in 2003 and didn't use it for a while. The next year came along and I decided I needed some therapy. Some weird kinda masochistic therapy anyways... If you fly fish you probably know what I'm talking about.

    So I break out my outfit (7'6" St. Croix 4wt. Pflueger automatic) get it rigged up (without a leader since I never used them before) and hit the creek here at the house. There's just something about wading up that creek and making beautiful casts right into a tree...

    Well I caught a ton of bluegill and bass on my little popper, but when I got to a certain hole about a half mile from where I got in at, something huge took my spider (I thought I would try something different) and went straight to the bottom! Not knowing what it was, I pulled the line tight and my tippet broke right off. I say tippet, but it was actually some 6lb monofilament that you use on a spinning reel.

    I'm still not 100% sure what it was, but I do believe it was a catfish. After that little incident, I've been re-hooked.

    I hope I can hear some good stories and share some with the fishermen/women here. I'll be looking forward to it!

    Edit- BTW I made my first rod this year from a little kit that I got from Hook and Hackle. If you fly fish and tie flies, you should try building a rod!
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2008
  10. Guitartists

    Guitartists Resistance is futile

    Mar 21, 2008

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