Anyone from Bandon, Oregon??


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Feb 18, 2011
Myrtle Point, OR
I am relocating to the Oregon coast, I have a job in Coos Bay and I am currently renting a small place in Coquille. My family still lives in the Roseburg area and I go home on weekends.
My husband is going to start looking for work here and I am trying to find a suitable place for us where I can keep my my chickens.
The owner of the house in Roseburg recently put it up for sale so I need to find a home soon. Does anyone know the chicken laws for Bandon or North Bend?
You can keep a certain number of hens based on your lot size in Bandon (my favorite town along the Oregon coast, btw). No roosters. Here is the section of their code relating to animals. 06 - Animals Revised-11-2007.pdf

See 6.24.120 for chickens, specifically (or page 14 if that is easier for you).

Don't know about North Bend. Their online code section on animals seems incomplete. I'd call up their city hall and ask.

Are you dead-set on living within city limits? It's pretty easy to find a place just outside city limits of the Coos Bay/North Bend area. Here's the city code for North Bend:

Bay: you have to get some sort of permit for chickens, but I don't think it allows roosters, though.
6.05.050 Animals for which a special permit must be obtained.
(1) No horse, mule, donkey, pony, cow, pig, goat, sheep, llama, poultry, rabbit, or animal raised for fur-bearing purposes shall be kept within the city limits unless a special written permit therefor is issued by the city after inspection of the premises and a finding of fact that no nuisance will be created thereby.

Don't want to hang out in Coquille, huh?

I used to live in North Bend but worked in Coquille.. the drive got old pretty quick!

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