Anyone get Migraine's? What works for you either meds or holistic?


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Oct 9, 2008
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In the past year my migraine's have gotten worse. My doc is wanting to put me on meds but so far I've not gotten any yet. Have any of you taken meds for them? If so what has worked or do you like? Also anyone have luck with holistic methods like feverfew? If so, what dosage ?


last year my 43 year old daughter starting having migraine and she had to go to a doctor. they gave her pills and now she is head ach free as long as she takes the pills. bad news is even with the insurance she pays 30 dollars a month and the insurance co. pays 100 dollars a month. if she didn't have insurance she would be in trouble.
when my daughter had the migraines she would lie in bed and was unable to do any thing except moan.
I used to get them quite a bit and the doctor gave me percocet well I started getting them more and more so now he changed me over to a prescpription called topamax it works fantastic. When I take them daily i dont even get a regular headache.
Oh boy.... Do I get migraines... I was hospitalized not 7 days ago for another one. I have had them ever since I was 12. I have seen doctors all across this country, as I have moved a lot, and I have read every item I can get my hands on. You may get lots of conflicting info, as everyone has different experiences, however, this is what I have discovered in over 25 years of migraines. One thing to keep in mind here, as I will be mentioning a lot of meds, is that my doctor has been working with me for years, and we have developed a trust where he is willing to keep me supplied with an arsenal of meds. I use different combinations of meds for different types of migraine. You will need to trial and error what meds will work for you, get samples of things first, and be prepared for them to possibly not work, or work wonderfully! Oh, and I am unable to use Imitrex or any of its littermates, as I have a violent almost allergic reaction to it. However some people swear by it!

Learn to Identify the different types you may have, I get several varieties. Most common is the least painful, and is caused usually by food or drink ingredients. primarily ASPARTAME! Avoid that stuff like the plague! it is horrible for you anyways, but if you are prone to migraines, it can be a powerful and almost immediate trigger! Wines, (primarily reds due to the tannins) heavily aged cheeses, chocholate, and caffiene, are all triggers for me. I do not have the self control to give up all my favorites, so I have learned to be careful, and all things in moderation. Since these are the most common, I have learned to deal with them with medication, Fioricet is always my first choice, Then I move up the potency ladder until I find the level that works, Amitriptaline, Phenergan, and finally Oxycodone and lorazapam. If that doesnt do the trick, its off to the emergency room

another variety of migraine for me, is of course stress or muscle related. these hit at various times of the day, and in a different section of my head, but can be just as debilitating, but I find I can control these myself with medication, Fioricet (with or without codeine,) and flexoril are my arsenal for those.

The rarest, and worst type for me, are the 'Aura' migraines. (deep shudder) These I can not find the trigger for, and I think it is probably a combination of things. The Aura is an alteration of my ability to see. Often a silvery spot in my line of vision that may grow to partially or completely block my sight. It is painless, but frightening since 1. I cant see, and 2. I know the pain is coming! 3. during this type, I also often loose the power of intelligent speach! I think I am saying things ok, but my brain substitutes other words and I dont even know it. I have learned to not even attempt to drive, or possibly even walk, but to get immediate help from a loved one who understands what is going on. When this type hits, I dont bother with the little meds, I go straight for the big guns and go to bed.

Making your family aware of how they can help you, and setting up a system will possibly be able to help you deal with these in as subtle a fashion as possible. I have very room darkening shades, a few favorite movies that I use to calm and put myself to sleep. I also will often take the hottest shower I can stand, aiming the water at my neck and head. This helps to dilate the blood vessels, and is incredibly effective! I have a plaque on my front door that is cutesy, but on the reverse says "Shhhh Headache in progress" and everyone quietly respects it, and goes away!

Depending on the type and frequency of your migraines, dont be afraid of meds, they can be your best friend, and end a migraine in 6-12 hours. (if not immediately, if you can take things like Imitrex) I have avoided having to take daily meds so far, but I fear the time may yet come.

Avoid the doctors who treat you like it is all in your head, or condescending. Send them packing, and find a different one. Migraines are a real medical issue, and are caused by the constriction of blood vessels in your brain. This can not only cause pain, but behavioral changes! Dont try to make important decisions, or drive if you can avoid it! I havent wrecked yet, but I have had close calls until I figured that one out!

I hope I have been able to help, I have endless more input, but feel I have offered enough to start, if you have other questions, I can maybe help more. Please feel free to email or PM me if you want.

Good Luck!
I put up with migraines for 4 years and I finally went to the Dr's about 6 months ago to get some meds. She put me on 100mg of Topamax for everyday use and then Maxalt for just in case I still get a migraine throughout the day.
The first 2 months were okay, no migraines. The side effects weren't great though. I was extremely tired, very irritable and my feet get these horrible sharp pains but it is worth putting up with compared to my migraines.
The next 2 months were even better. Still no migraines, I'm not tired or irritable anymore but my feet still get the pains every once in a while.
These last 2 months I've been getting migraines again about 2-3 times a week and the Maxalt the Dr gave me isn't even phasing them.
For the last 3 weeks of the last 2 months I've had a migraine every day. I've been taking Tylenol PM to go to sleep but not every night. I just haven't had the time to go to the Dr.
I'll be interested to see what works for everyone else
yes. i do. my neurologist is not sure if i get one AFTER the seizure-like spells i have or if the spells are caused by migraines.

i take Pamelor. 150mgs once a day, one hour before sleep. started on 25 then worked up. i am almost maxed out.

it does work very well.

blessings for a solution for you.
Relpax has given me my life back. I think there are two big migraine threads already. You might want to do a search and take a look at how a lot of people cope with migraines.
I get bad migraines just like chickenpiedpipers.....she gave good suggestions.
I try to steer clear of artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives.
My cousin was constantly dealing with migraines and showed me how to treat her, medical contact and all that. It scared her while her kids were little because she would see strange things even driving.
The one thing she has done- no artificial sweeteners, soy products, organic everything including laundry to milk. No caffeine, no artificial scents. Lives a very basic life, has contact with as few of chemicals as possible.
She no longer has problems with her migraine. Its not easy, you have to go a month at a time to eliminate certain things and add others.
Good luck to you, I hope that you all can find relief from this debilitating health issue, its not fun. I've only dealt with sinus infections and that was rotten enough for me.
I just get SUPER bad headaches. I get them at least every other week and I just lay there and close my eyes. I don't take meds for them, just sleep

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