Anyone good at guessing breeds?

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    May 28, 2016
    Hello! Newbie here - to signing up on BYC, anyway :) I've scanned the articles frequently when we brought up our first batch of 4 (Dorothy, Beatrice, Delilah, and Mabel!) back in March, and it was immensely helpful.
    Now I'm very sure where this would go, so my apologies if I'm in the wrong section!

    When we got our first batch of girls they were marked clearly as Black Australorps, and they've held true to the breed thus far. They're great, lively, curious girls that everyone in the family adores. So much so that we decided to add a bit to the flock and couldn't resist bringing home 3 more babies!

    These three were in a mixed brooder that were only identified as "egg laying pullets" (whereas the rest of the brooders were straight runs). Odd, but alright.

    I'd love to know what breed(s) we've brought home if anyone can tell, just out of curiosity! Here are the girlies, if you'd like to take a guess:

    Chick 1: "Olive"

    Chick 2: "Melody"

    Chick 3: "Daisy"

    And a group shot from above (from top of picture to bottom, Daisy, Olive, Melody):

    Thank you for any help! So far they are doing very well settling in, so it doesn't matter much the breeds as long as they are healthy :)
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    Welcome! 'Chicken math' already!!! They are young to figure out, but find out what hatchery they came from, and look online, or call, to find out what breeds they carry. Then, '', the Cackle Hatchery website, and others, will have photos. Green legs mean Easter Eggers, coming in many colors. Comb types and feathering will develop and help. It's fun to figure out 'mystery chicks"! Mary

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