Anyone got Foxes?

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  1. there was an article in a magazine i read a few months back about Russians starting to domesticate foxes. anyone got one or knows someone who does?

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    Actually the Russian has been doing it for years. The thing is that body shape an color seems to be linked to temperament an the tamed ones look like dogs....
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    there's an animal swap that goes on in Indiana and there's a guy that has foxe kits for $500.
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    Ive actually been looking into getting a fox [​IMG]
    You have to look into your state law though.
    Some stated dont allow foxes at all, and others only allow certain colors.
    Domesticate foxes come in several colors.
    Where I live, I can only have artic foxes

    These websites are very helpful:
    Pet Foxes

    Fox Colors

    Ive owned wild foxes and loved it, so I want to try it again.
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    domesticated foxes are only available through the Institute of Cytology and Genetics (Novosibirsk, Russia)
    they are the ONLY place breeding silver foxes for deomstication...

    the foxes available through "exotic" breeders are simply captive born bottle raised foxes they are NOT NOT NOT domesticated and make terrible pets for about 98% of people.
    red foxes even when spay/neutered are not talking take a bath smelly im talking almost a skunk smelly (and no they cannot be "desceted" like a skunk can, spay/neutering reduces the odor but they cannot completly de-smell a mature fox...and it gets tinto everything.
    bottle raised red foxes have no fear of humans, while this makes an adorable baby fox kit running round your home it also makes for an adult who wont think twice about biting you if you do something wrong...
    foxes dig...its what they go...and they do it incredibly well...i had 1 young fox kit about 4 months old in for rehab for a broken back leg from a special animal ambasadors program...he was on crate rest...
    he ripped his way out of a 48" metal dog crate, dug through tile and into the CONCRETE subfloor and tore holes in the walls and ate half the insulation...
    when i say they dig..i mean DIG!
    they are also incredibly smart and incredibly mischevious...youll have to bungee cord shut your refridgerator and child sftey lock EVERY cabinate (cause they climb well too and will figure out how to get to the top ones) ive known foxes learn how to open doors and windows, and your trash can, forget it youll ever be able to secure it enough to keep a fox out of it.

    most peopel who have "pet" foxes (rememebr these red foxes being sold as pets in the usa are NOT DOMESTICATED, they have not been selectivly bred for specific traits like the russian foxes have..they are WILD ANIMALS simply removed from the wild) tend to keep them indoors untill there about 18 months old then end up building them outside kennels/runs (which have to have a burried floor AND a full roof) becaus they are no longer suitable for living in the home, OR they just get rid of them (ive unforunatly delt with MANY red, grey and silver foxes who have ended up in sanctuatries or worse the MANY that re just "set free" and end up having to come spend time with a rehabber just to give them some semblance of normalcy...these "pet" foxes can never be returned to the wild and after maturing often can never be placed in anything more than a sanctuary type situation.

    i specilize in red fox rehab as a vector species rehabber...i do NOT suggest them as "pets" for anyone other than a SERIOUS and increidbly dedicated person who understands fox nature incredibly well...they are adorable and funny...but theyll scale a 10ft fence in seconds, dig through concrete in a heart beat and get into EVERYTHING you own without a through.
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    2 Yrs ago we found a fox pup mom had left him. We raised him until he was old enough to leave he always comes back to visit though.:)

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