Anyone got pics of these? Thinking about ordering more ducks. (crazy)


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Lake Placid FLorida
Golden 300 Hybrid
White Golden Layer

Im thinking of getting 3 female and 2 male Welsh harlequin ducklings, 1 Chocolate runner female, 1 Blue runner female and 1 Black runner male. I saw those other breeds and was wondering what they looked like?
Her is my Buff hen :

The current pics are a little rough since she is molting.





I have some moreof her and her ducklings if needed. I have a f/w runner drake but he is larger ( MUCH) than a standard runner. He still stands up straight and everything though. He is just massive.
I've got three of the Golden 300 hybrids. They are now 6 years old. I can tell each of them apart since their wing coloring is pretty distinctive. For the first 2 years, they were egg laying BEASTS! Each hen laid well over 330 eggs per year. The 3rd & 4th years were fine but they slowed down to "maybe" 280-300 per year (I know cuz I charted them until last summer). The 5th year they were laying lots of shelless eggs but occasionally I'd get a shelled one
. This year I hardly get any at all but that's ok with me. Even though I'd love to still get eggs from them they are more like pets to me and they will stay here for the rest of their natural lives, eggs or no eggs.

I have to point out that they were my first (and so far only experience with ducks until NEXT week when my first pair of Australian Spotted blueheads arrive - oooh can't wait!) foray into having ducks. These girls have quite the personalities. They have a fenced in area in the woods where they hang out alot during the day. If I want to lock them up before dusk, I just go out there and call them, clapping my hands and telling them it's time for bed. Nine out of ten times, they quack back and just come tromping up the (tiny) hill and go into their run. Of course, there is the occasional tenth time when I have to go out there and herd them into the run, but that's another story

I believe you'd be happy with this breed, I know I have been.

ETA: When I ordered mine in 2003, there was a minimum # required of 10. I had two friends go in on an order with me and Metzer's sent me 11, they all survived. Another thing I liked about this breed was they were auto sexed. Males are blackish and females are brownish. No getting males by mistake if you only want females.
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