Anyone had any legal problems from selling eggs?

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by Delmar, Apr 21, 2011.

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    I have seen several people in my county that had eggs for sale signs in their yard, so I stopped by one on my way home from work and asked him if he did anything to check out the law or if he just put a sign up. He said " just put I sign up and started selling them and I haven't had any problems". I am thinking about taking the same approach. Is there anyone here who has had any difficulty with local government for selling eggs?
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    You might get away with it if you just put up a sign that said "EGGS" and thats all.

    Here in South Carolina,we see people have signs like"tomatoes" or my sign of "birdhouses" and I have birdhouses along the flower planter.People will stop by and buy them.It doesnt say " birdhouses for sale" but its a sc thingy.

    You might want to scan your neighborhood/city closer to see if anyone has these types of signs out.
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    I was wondering the same thing...I just put a sign out..but it has a price..maybe I should re do the sign?? No takers yet:(
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    May 11, 2009
    I was curious about this too so i called thedept of ag for va, as long as i dont say " fresh eggs" and sell less than 100 dozen a week or some crazy number like that, its legal. If i sell at market i must say " ungraded" thats all. Call your extenstion office and ask.
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    Quote:I don't know why I didn't think of calling the extension office! They should know the rules, but would not be connected with code enforcement. Thanks![​IMG]
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    You might be able to check the regulations in your location on-line on the town/county website.

    Before I began selling eggs, I checked the SC Dept of Agriculture's regulations which permit selling eggs from a farm stand. I didn't find any quantity listed. I didn't think to check my town's business license regs, though.

    I'm inow n the middle of trying to settle a problem over selling eggs in a village in coastal SC - I've been selling eggs for about a year, with a sign on the side of the street and a slit in the garage window where people can put their money.

    I've just been told that I am in non-compliance and need a business license and a zoning permit (although raising and selling poultry and poultry products is permitted in the town). I was told that my non-compliance was being ignored until I wanted to put a notice in the town newsletter to let people know the eggs were moving to a stand behind my garage instead of being in a box in the garage window (which gets too hot in the summer).

    The business license regulations list "egg production" which I was told applies to selling eggs, not to the chickens - someone else did suggest that it might mean that all women below a certain age need a license. If so, I'm too old, so it won't apply to me.

    I've requested to be on the agenda at the next Town Council meeting to discussion the "egg situation."

    Until then, I've put up a notice that I can't sell eggs, but that the chickens are accepting donations. People have continued to take the "illegal" eggs and to put their "donations" in the window slit.

    I'll remove the sign which says "Fresh Eggs" - I didn't know that wording was not allowed.
    I'll also contact the Extension Service Monday - I've tried going on-line to find out if there are state or federal regulations, but I couldn't find any that appeared to apply to my situation.
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    May 11, 2009
    I was told the wording "fresh eggs" wasnt allowed because i wasnt graded. I would have to be inspected and stuff and the eggs would have to be grade "A" or better. Where i am i dont need a license or anything. The va dept of ag's egg selling info was held by the "marketing" division. But the difference is, i never put up a sign. I live at the end of a 1/2 mile long dirt road and there are like 4 other "fresh egg" signs on my road. I never see anyone stop for those. So i direct market, lol. I sell to people i know and places i frequent.
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    believe it or not, facebook is how I got my egg customers. Since they were all my "friends" I didn't worry with them coming to my house. I started there, then got my customer base, now I send out emails when I have an over abundance. Needless to say, I can sell 26 dozen in about 2 days. I think they buy them for their friends and neighbors. I just keep a small fridge just inside the service door of my garage (I used to keep on the front porch, but thought I might be a bit redneck for having a fridge on my front porch) I live about 2 miles from town, but don't have any neighbors to complain. I'm starting to get frustrated with the amount of government control, when my extension guy said I should get a permit to have my chickens or other livestock I want and I don't even live in city limits!! Forget that!!
  9. I am now in a very similar situation as sounds like the rest of you. I live in Lexington County, SC. I raise chickens and want to see them, but cannot find out if we need permits, etc. I'm searching tho....wish me luck
  10. that's "sell"

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