Anyone have a bright pink and/or kitschy coop?

Wabi Sabi

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9 Years
May 28, 2010
If so, want to share pictures? I just bought a huge wooden doghouse that I'm going to convert into a coop. Would like to make it very kitschy with white trim and bright pink paint.

I'm planning on starting with this dog house:


I'll cut ventilation, add a window with shutters, trim it all out, put it up on legs, and most likely paint it pink with white trim. I want windowboxes, petunias, the whole nine yards. I'm sort of using this as my inspiration:


My husband just keeps shaking his head at me. We've only had chickens for a month and I'm already starting in on coop #2, LOL.

Would love to see other kitschy kind of coops for more inspiration if anyone has one!
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