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    Mar 17, 2011
    I have 3 6 week old Blue Andalusians a blue, a black, and a splash, the blue has a nice size blue comb and the black and splash have small yellow combs and the black and splash are smaller than the blue all three came from McMurry's. i know that they will have red combs as adults but so far none of them have even the slightest bit of red and i've search all over and can't find any pics of chicks close to mines age i posted this on the breed/gender section and got no response so i thought i would try here. i took pics but had my camera set wrong and they are all so blurry you can't see anything. i'm just curious who's who
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    I'm not quite sure of what your question is.

    If you are asking about roo or hen, then you will probably need to post pictures.

    If you are asking about comb color. I believe that hens combs turn red when they get close to laying. Roos much earlier. I know nothing about other colored combs.


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