Anyone have a review to give me on a Sportsman cabinaet incubator?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by JAK Rabbitry, Nov 22, 2010.

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    So I'm hoping after the holidays I can get the Sportsman 1502 i've been eyeballing for the last few months. Though I can't fin much in the way of reviews on it, I wondered if anyone on here had this model or a similar one or if there's some general advice to be given on cabinet incubator. I'm upgrading from my silly Little Giant thing from TSC. It's been good to me, but i'm now a little more insane than that and I need some kind of mass chick producing beast.

    What I wondered about is, that this model has 3 turning trays, and an additional hatching tray. though all are int he same big box. So the settings for humidity and temperature would have to be the same for both, yes? But what about bumping up the humidity for lockdown? Once I move the eggs from each turning tray into the hatching would I change the humidity in that drawer without effecting the rest of the eggs? Or is it sealed up enough that I can put a separate humidity reading thingamabob in there with some moist paper towels?

    Also any tips, things I should know, how this differs from my current incubator, and generally what you think about this bad boy would be greatly appreciated.
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    I do not have one, but would suggest using the search feature - not the google search box on the right, but the search link located in the upper blue line - just above your logged in name.

    This search will allow you to search with great detail - forums, authors, key words - title or title/message search - etc.

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