Anyone have a turkey broth recipe?


10 Years
Jan 4, 2010
Folsom, CA
This weekend I'll be getting two ice chests full of turkey meat from a family farmer friend, Half or more will be turkey legs, and what we usually do is take the meat grind it, pakage it and freeze it. That leave a whole lot of bones in the trash, what a waste!
and I was thinking, why not throw the bones in a pot for broth instead of the trash? Does anyone have any broth recipes based on pounds of turkey bones? Thanks a bunch!!
What I usually do with the bones from a Turkey or chicken is I put it in a big pot all the bones and I throw in onions,celery,carrots,garlic, turnip or any kind of vegetables ( you dont have to cut them into little pieces..sometimes I grate carrots to add more colour....and then cover it with water ....add seasonings that you like in soup ...i just use a couple bay leaves ,salt and pepper and bring it to a boil and then let it simmer....sometimes if I am really tired I'll bring it to a boil and then put it in the oven overnight on a low heat....then strain it and let it cool.... place in fridge so the fat hardens and then scrap the fat off and voila you have broth ....hope that helps...Good Luck

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