Anyone have any experience with Dare2Dream Farm?

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by maryellenks, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. maryellenks

    maryellenks In the Brooder

    Mar 15, 2011
    They are in California and deliver birds regularly to my area. They seem to have a lot of birds of different breeds, different ages, their website looks nice, but I'd feel better if anyone had had dealings with them?

    also on their site they claim that you can't keep silkies with any other breeds, even other bantam breeds - is that true? (I wondered if they were only saying that because they don't have silkies.)
  2. BigKitty09

    BigKitty09 In the Brooder

    I am also curious about them. They seem to be too good to be true.... They have the birds I want (EE and blue laced red wyandotte) of various ages, and I've been trying to get a hold of them but they haven't responded yet. Though I only texted, called, and messaged them yesterday. But, you would think if their delivery date is in 2 days they would answer and respond to their messages regarding their birds.... If I do get a hold of them and make a purchase i will let you know how it turns out. Has anyone else had any luck with them?
  3. California Gurl

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    Jun 27, 2011
    I emailed them once about their Blue Laced Wyandotte about the price and also are they from Hatchery or Breeder Lines. They got back to me I think the next day. I ended up not getting them because the Wyandotte are hatchery stock which I didn't want.
  4. BigKitty09

    BigKitty09 In the Brooder

    Oh I see.... Yes, they have just responded to me. I felt bad about pestering them, I know they must be very busy with all the land, but I just wanted to make it before their delivery date which is in two days. She will be emailing me pictures of their BLRW and EE's that they have, and I can't wait to see them. They will be 10 and 11 weeks old I wish they were a little younger but that's ok. What is the difference between hatchery stock and breeder stock? Is it just that breeder birds are more closer to the standard of the bird as opposed to just be a bunch of birds that are technically that breed but have many different variations? Does that make sense?
  5. Oregon Blues

    Oregon Blues Crowing

    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    They deliver to your area? You mean they actually drive the birds themselves and hand them over to you?

    In that case, you get to see what you are buying. Much nicer than getting them in the mail.
  6. BigKitty09

    BigKitty09 In the Brooder

    ya its fantastic ive never heard of this with any other farm. and its only a $20 delivery fee way cheaper than most shipping costs. Can't wait to see the pictures they're sending me tonight. Then if they seem to have good stuff, delivery tomorrow! .....Why am I so excited? lol
  7. stormylady

    stormylady Songster

    Dec 27, 2008
    Quote:My silkies are in with SF Roo with no problem, and they were in with a totally mixed pen and they all got along but they were raised together too.
  8. LBPollos

    LBPollos Hatching

    Jan 7, 2013
    what happened with your experience with dare to dream farm?
    I dont know of any other place to get a hen.
    I live near Blacksmiths Corner, but the last time we bought chickens there one was a rooster and the hens we have no idea what breed they were.
  9. BikoQnick

    BikoQnick Hatching

    Sep 28, 2012
    I live near them, and work at a food co-op that gets eggs from them. They're definitely hard to get ahold of, mainly because there's only a few people on the farm. And while they never answered my emails, and didn't pick up the phone, they did return my call about interest in buying a few hens. I haven't ever seen their farm but I can definitely vouch for the quality of eggs their chickens make in terms of taste.

    I'm getting two easter eggers from them tomorrow and can give updates if people are interested, though I'm no chicken expert.

    I do know that the couple who own the farm are super nice and seem to care about their chickens a great deal. I believe you can taste it in the eggs they sell, and I'll soon know about their hen delivery (at least for easter eggers).
  10. kholdner

    kholdner Hatching

    Jan 29, 2013
    I got 2 8 week old barred rocks from them (delivered to my door) a month or so ago. The gal who delivered them was great and answered all my questions. My little girls are healthy and thriving. I would certainly buy from them again. Their website is really informative. Id love to check out their farm sometime.

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