Anyone have any hatchery stock "Indian Red Jungle Fowl'?


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Apr 26, 2014
From cackle, Ideal, purely poultry or any other hatchery? Do they all sell similar looking birds? Anyone have any photos of these birds? I am very curious and interested in them. I am assuming they are not captive bred wild pure birds. Do they have any wild blood in there recent history? I did see a very bad photo somewhere, but it looked more like a bb bantam than a wild jungle fowl.


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Dec 5, 2008
Southern Indiana
Here is a very short video of some from Cackle hatchery
I'm not sure how useful this is for you. I do agree they appear more domestic fowl but for hatchery purposes they would need to be. I bought six "jungle fowl" from a local farm store two weeks ago. The employee that day wasn't sure what hatchery they came from. I had one that wasn't well and died soon after. I lost one a few days later trying to take care of it. It went thru the wire trying to get away and I was never able to find it. They are so skittish that I must turn off all lights to give them food and water. I hope I'll be able to incorporate them into the rest of my flock as they mature. We'll see.

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