Anyone have anything about the adona virus for chickens

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  1. mckaylaspandas

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    Sep 11, 2016
    I have birds that have rhe adona virus
    Vet says they will be fine but they are sneezing and getting bad again we just went through this in the summer but with the winter its worse i know nothing about this situation thebvet and google didnt have much to offer
    Dhe says its possible for mareks as well but they didnt go through with a mareks look when doing the autopsy on a bird i sent to them
    I have a coop that has older birds in it taht gas its coop back touching the other coop back they areny sneezing or have come in contact with the sick ones so i dont know if they have it as well
    What shouldni do? I cant find proper help or advice
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    Sep 20, 2015
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    If you have had a vet diagnose/care for them, it would be best to refer back to them.

    I'm not sure what virus you are mentioning.

    Here is a list of common poultry diseases:

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