Anyone have baby ducks close to Newnan Ga??


12 Years
Jan 3, 2008
Newnan, Georgia
We are looking for a few baby ducks . I don't know anything about the different varieties . Not necessary to get them for Easter just for pets. We are fencing in our pond and would like to add a few. Thanks
Hi! Remember me? You got a few hens from me in Sharpsburg. Anyway, I want ducks, too, and the feed store in Senoia will probably have them. It's called Southern Charm Feed Store. The number is 770.599.8488. I am going over there tomorrow to pick up layer pellets. I have been avoiding going because I know I will get whatever babies they have!!

Last year they had all kinds of poultry including turkey chics.

Thanks!!! My hubby found them at Tractor supply in LaGrange but they were a little high $4.00 each for babies. I will try the local feed store Whitley's here in Newnan to see if they have any if not I will try your store in Sharpsburg. Thanks And your chickens all 5 of them are doing great!!! I have been avoiding the feed store for the same reason and not to mention I have about 30 eggs in the bator now. We had to put up anthor run last night for the ones in the bator. LOL It is so much fun. Thanks Livia
By the way, Livia, our goats kidded and we have twins from Ginger and a little cashmere mix from our pygmy, Bindi.
Here is a pic of the twins, Jack & Jill. They are 4 days old in this picture. They were born on Feb 21st.

I love them!!! They are so cute!! You are so lucky!!! I want GOATS!!!! Hopefully our pen will get up this Spring so I can have a few of my own!!!
YEAH!!!!! We found baby ducks last night on the swap shop !!! My hubby heard them on the radio. So we went and traded 4 roosters for 2 ducks and.... we bought the other 2 so we have 4 ducks they are 3-4 weeks old. 2 of them are white and the other2 look grey-brown (very light) so I don't know what type they are and they man did not either. I will have to ppost pics later. They are just tearing up their water this morning!!!

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