Anyone Have Black Sumatras?

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  1. [​IMG] Well anyone?

    My DS has one Black Sumatra sexed pullet named Speeder to raise to show at a county fair this summer and she is the most homely, almost downright ugly little chick. She's tiny compared to the others (I know she will be, it's her breed) but she just isn't as feathered as them and never has been... She's 6ish weeks old right now. Will this ugly duckling (err chicken) grow up and be better looking? Is it normal for her to be so funny looking right now?
    He's certainly not going to get a ribbon with her if something doesn't start happening LOL She needs a chicken makeover! [​IMG]
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    We must have a picture of this little one, you know.
  3. How do I post a picture?
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    Upload it to an online pic place like then in your post, click the Img button above the smilies.

    Put the url for the picture inbetween the two img tags which will look like this


    no spaces anywhere and it should show up in your post.
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