Anyone Have Gold Sex Links?

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  1. Our girls will be 16 weeks on Monday... 16 weeks is the early end of egglaying...

    Combs and whatnot are pinkening up, but between the four there are variations.

    Color wise some are more some are less, and in comb size some are big, others tiny.

    At least in my Noobie Opinion.

    So, I was wondering if anyone had any pics of their GSLs when they were about to lay...
    Be that 16 weeks... or 6 months... so that I can compare what mine look like to actual.

    Don't want to be getting my knickers in a twist over No Eggs if I don't need to be...
    Bad enough the kids have been driving us all insane!

    Any info appreciated. [​IMG]
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    Though 3 of the 5 of mine aren't sex-links, they are a production breed like GSLs bred to have less meat and more eggs. Production reds, or hatchery quality RIRs. Mine too have had a serious growth spurt in just 3 weeks. They've meatened up, combs and waddles are huge, pink, and I recentley had my largest pullet practice her egg song at 7:00 AM. And mine turned 16 weeks on Monday!
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    This is my first year with GSL's, but we had a BSL last year and I think she started laying around 18 weeks. I wouldn't worry if they are 16 weeks and not laying yet. My GSL's are 14.5 weeks and getting bigger and redder everyday. They are the only two in their coop who have their "Big girl cluckers" so far, and the others are only a week behind in age.

    I wouldn't start to worry about them not laying until they reach over 20 weeks. That is the more average age, even for the early layers.
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    I have red sexlinks and they started laying at 5 months on the dot. I think there's probably a range of time to begin laying which is perfectly normal. It's hard not to be impatient when you're waiting for that first magical egg though. [​IMG]
  5. Precisely...

    I don't want to be getting all antsy when they're no where near Eggness... but I can't tell. They do sound like chickens, as opposed to birds, now which I figure is a good sign. They're getting red, but what's red for a GSL... I donno. I am not expecting anything, be thrilled if it happened of course, but not expecting but 16 weeks is the typical "could happen" age so that's got everyone on edge.

    Time will tell....

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