anyone have indian runners in RI? Conn.? Mass?

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    Jun 12, 2009
    hello there, im from the south county area of rhode island and am wondering who else on here around me has indian runners... when i was a kid we had Fawn/white runners and white runners, since then i've got one of each of the following colors: blue,grey,black,chocolate and fawn and white. I am interested in adding another duck (hen) to my flock, i've been searching rescues in my area for a while but am interested in who else may have runners around that i could buy or take off someones hands who has too many... what im really interested in is a white runner as Pearl (white hen i had) was my favorite and i miss having a white runner.. feel free to post pictures, i hope there are some other runners around here!!
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    Try this:

    Donna Schopac 60 Camp Avenue , North Kingston, RI 02852-3242 401/295-8663

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