Anyone have pics of their naked neck chickens??Or any of the following

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Hi All,
My baby chicks are due to arrive 3/15. These are the breeds that I ordered. Buff and Light Brahamas,standard.Blue and Buff Cochins,standard.And ordered 10 Buff Orp pullets, but I know what they look like.But still would love to see your pics of them.And the Naked Necks. I am dieing to see some pics of yours of all these breeds, as I have never had them before. Especially the naked necks. According to what I have read of them on the internet, you either love them or hate them. I love em and my mom hates them. LOL
I had called and told her about ordering the chicks. I had the order up to 44 babies and dear hubby said go ahead and order enough of another breed to make it an even 50, of which I went 1 over and made it 51.
and with the free rare chick made it 52. Guess I was hoping hubby would say, "Make it an even 60", but he didn't.
I had been looking at the naked necks for awhile and after reading up and learning what a great chicken they are, I ordered 6 pullets and a rooster. When I told my mom about them and showed her a pic she said those were the ugliest chickens she had ever seen.
She didn't see how they were great chickens for cold winters with their bare necks and less feathers all around than other chickens. I told her I could knit them sweaters and scarves if they need them.
She said they were still ugly. But I love em.!! So if you have a website with pics of your chickens in these breeds or a link here at the BYC for them please let me know. I would love to look at them. Also, if you have kept any of these breeds, would like to know what you think of them in general.


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These are all threads with tons of pictures of the breeds you ordered. The search function on this site is a nifty tool to use whenever you're looking for pictures of something, it wasn't hard for me to find these threads at all. Enjoy!

P.S. I agree with you about the naked necks. I love them! Let us know what you think of the chicks when you get them.
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