12 Years
Jul 22, 2007
I have a pair of fantailed pigeons, and I was wondering if anyone else out there had these? Or breeds of pigeons? Just get back to me!
I had mookie pigeons for a few years, then when I was away no one took care of them and I came back to find my best of show black mookies dead. I like the jacobins and the volgas also, but the mookies were just so funny, they always seemed nervous. What kind of fantails do you have? I like the Indian fantails because they look more elegant.
not sure what kind of fantails they are, just know thye are fantails..

how can you tell the difference between the males and the females? Just out of curiosity?
The best way to know is if you see one strutting and cooing, it is a boy. Only male pigeons coo. About your fantails, are they big and do they have feathered feet or are they small with their head on their backs? The Indian fantails are big, long, have feathered feet. The American fantails are small with their heads thrown back.
their american then. when will they start to have kids? and can I place a fertile banty egg under her while shes setting?
Mine were sitting on 3 silkie eggs for a while, then they just gave up the nest for some reason, but the eggs were developing.
I live in town..of course we have pidgeons!

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