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Anyone have rock/wyandotte crosses?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Tam'ra of Rainbow Vortex, May 1, 2009.

  1. Hi! I was just wondering if any of you have pictures of rock/wy crosses. I am trying to find pics of what my next gen might look like.
    I have partridge and barred rocks, gold laced, silver laced, blue laced red, silver penciled, and columbian wyandottes. The are 8 weeks old day after tomorrow... and I already can't wait to see what my next gen will look like!
    I am also curious if anyone out there has noticed different colors of the same breed acting as different as completely separate breeds. For example:
    My blue laced reds are adorable birds. They are all calm, sweet, mellow (and for the first 5 weeks were bigger than all the other chicks). Most of the others would nip at you or hide, but they just let you hold and pet them....
    And my barred rocks are all biters while the partridges are perfectly well behaved.
    Maybe I just got similar birds by coincidence, but most of the others are so different! All the chickens I have had in the past have been chicken-raised, so this is the first batch I have been able to carefully observe and I just find it odd that their personalities seem tied to color of feathers more than breed.

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