Anyone have the TuffShed chicken coop?

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  1. Fraunie

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    Apr 8, 2012
    Elfin Forest
    After pouring over pictures for weeks, I am accepting that husband and I, while loving our new hobby farm lifestyle, are too novice and overwhelmed to actually build our own coop. the coop that was on the property is gross, it has nesting boxes that are too large and never used (I pick eggs out of the dog cage and tortoise housing...nested in poop[​IMG]) the floor is dirt and compacted droppings and is no longer secure from rodents. I'm tired of feeding the local ground squirrel population....they are overpopulated as it is!! the door isn't very secure either and we lost one of our hens last new coop....soon is a must. Plus I have 8 weekers in my bathtub as I type!!

    The coop is elevated, and 8x4. I need to get more info on the nesting boxed etc, but I love that the construction is completely tight and quality.

    How many hens do you think I could hold in 8x4 space...with internal nesting boxes??

    Thanks for any advice. I included the link.


    Boxer, 2 pugs, 2 sulcata tortoises. Bourbon Red Turkey, 2 OEGB, Australorp and chicks (2-salmon favarolles, 2 Sicilian Buttercups, Buff Orp, Gold Sexlink, Buff Brahma, and one more[​IMG]) oh....and two kids, too....
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    Apr 19, 2012
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    the internal nesting boxes will be hard to use if you have to reach in and get eggs change bedding etc. Wonder if the other sides have vents, it seems like it doesn't have enough airflow...and the ramp is's very hard to tell from one photo..
  3. Fraunie

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    Apr 8, 2012
    Elfin Forest
    Good eye!

    We plan to add some ventilation by shortening the walls a bit and putting wire screen on the top. We are in southern CA so weather isn't too much of an issue. I was going to do it on two sides. The nesting boxes do have an exterior door to access, but I can't tell how many boxes there are. I could modify the ramp, too. Should also add that they will mostly be free range in our corral, but we will probably add a run on the bottom and side for easier care when we leave for the weekend and such.

    And yes, I totally want to see more pics of this!! There isn't much around...

  4. Jrb599

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    Apr 5, 2012
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    A lot of people will buy bulk lumber and build them and sell them. Look on craigslist - you can probably get a brand new one, well built, for a fair price.
  5. Kjf18

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    We have a modified version of the TuffShed coop, and really like it. There are separate external doors for accessing each of the three internal nesting boxes. The set-up works quite well. We added two windows and a continuous roof ridge vent.

    I am certain one could build it less expensively oneself, but I lacked the time, energy, tools and talent to do it myself in a timely manner. Here is a photo of ours:


    Here is a photo of the nesting box doors:


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  6. Bangarang64

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    Apr 2, 2012
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    Wow! I love it!
  7. thecoopbuilder

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    May 26, 2012
    I am sorry to bust your bubble, but I am a custom shed builder, and I have had to replace customers sheds that were tuff sheds. I will warn you that they are very expensive and their structures will not last longer than what a private shed builder can do. My prices are 1/4 less the cost of theirs and I know you can find a contractor a lot less than tuff sheds, and a private contractor will build a stronger and more sturdy coop. This is from my own personal experience.
  8. Kjf18

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    No bubble to burst.

    As I said in an earlier post, I'm sure one could build this oneself for less cost. I concluded I did not have the time, energy, tools or skills to build a coop myself this spring. I did a lot of research and decided to go with TuffShed. While I suspect one might be able to find a local contractor to build something like this at perhaps a bit better price, we are happy with our decision and our coop.

    I have no connection to TuffShed, and haven't bought anything else from them. They did a good job for us. I suggest everyone do their own research and make their own decision.


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  9. Alisa Cunningham

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    May 30, 2017
    I am looking at buying a TuffShed chicken coop. I love the customization of yours, and the run you added. Do you have any more photos? It's been six years now - did you learn anything that you would do differently now?

    Thanks in advance!

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