anyone heard of.... S & G's 'heritage white' meat bird?

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Aug 25, 2012

sounds like a cornish x with smaller breasts.
anyone heard of these??
the site says:

The Heritage White chicken comes from the old White Plymouth Rock stock. Its sturdy frame and well balanced body makes it a great meat bird, not like the sluggish Cornish Cross with its giant breast. Our bird is bred to perform outside where it can earn its keep using a keen sense of awareness along with great foraging ability. If you want a bird that’s healthy, grows well with good feed conversion and usually reaches market weight around nine weeks, try our Heritage White.
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Apr 21, 2010
a little north of Columbus, GA
I ordered some back in August but unfortunately only one survived shipping. (USPS's fault, not S&G's.)

I posted some notes on this thread: (Click to the second page, that's where most of the info is.)

From my admittedly small sample size, they do *not* have a small breast. It was enormous! We got three servings from each side of the breast. *After* grilling, half the breast was over 1 lb (bone in). IMO it could have been processed at 7-8 weeks; at 9 (as recommended on their site) it was huge but there was a lot of internal fat.


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