Anyone heard of the World Chicken Fest in KY Sept 27-30?

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    DH sent me an e-mail with the ad for this event. I copied the info below...
    Unfortunately, it looks more like eating than showing chickens. But they do have booth rates and other info.

    The 18th Annual World Chicken Festival takes place September 27th-30th, in downtown London, Kentucky. Celebrating everything chicken along with the bluegrass band competition on Saturday, September 29th from 1-6PM. The Egg-Citing competition will allow bands to cluck, pluck and strut their stuff for cash prizes. WDVX's own "fowl" Freddy Smith will MC this "Cock-O-Doodle-Do" of a bluegrass Egg-Stravaganza.

    For registration and festival information the number is 1-800-348-0095 or online at
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