Anyone here from N.E. Georgia?


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N.E. Georgia
I'm in Jefferson and am wondering if anyone here is near me...
I actually Chef here at home. I came about the barefootchef name one day when I was taking some culinary art classes at a culinary art school in MS where my husband was teaching for a semester (he is a cell biologist). I had my neighbors over and I wore my chef's jacket, hat, jeans and was barefoot. When my neighbors arrived for their meal, I tried to say in my best Wolfgang Puck voice... "Velcome from zee barefoot chef". I liked the idea of cooking casually and having a great meal. It has just stuck and I use it as my username where ever I go.

I've taken many cooking courses from chef's in New Orleans (lived there for over 20 years) and enjoy cooking. My specialty is really New Orleans cuisine. I make a killer gumbo and awesome shrimp Creole. The shrimp Creole I actually do as a chicken creole for those that are allergic to seafood and it can also be done vegetarian style with tofu instead of any meat.

Making a roux is a specialty of mine. Most that aren't from the N.O. area make their roux's too light. The roux is so important to the flavor of the dish. I have a blog and did a bit on chicken Creole. Hoping this takes you to the correct page: just scroll to the bottom. I was just beginning to learn how to use my blog. I really need to do one on gumbo and other things. It really just takes a bunch of time. Let me know what you think!

Would really like to get to know some chicken people here near me.

Wow! I do so know my roux is too light. I do love me some Cajun food. There is a New Orleans guy at the restaurant across from mine and he says my Eggs Benedict is the best he has had since New Orleans.

I would love to talk to you about a project I am working on right now.
I'm about as far north and as far east as you can go and still be in Georgia. I'm a bit north of Sky Valley. My neighbor is in North Carolina and my house used to have NC address and phone #.

We just moved here from Florida, like everyone else here.
I'm in Braselton. Jefferson is not too far to go to get in on a little of that New Orleans cooking. Just let me know when it's ready and the family and I will be right over.
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Auntbeast, that area of Georgia is some beautiful!

THunter, if you can stand a house that is in the demo/fix up/ restore process, you and your family are welcome!

key west chick, where is the place you are talkin' about?

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