anyone here from snohomish county wa?


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Marysville, WA
I was wondering how many people are from my area. Im from Marysville WA. I was also wondering the laws in my city of having chickens. But Im also looking to meet new people. Please let me know thanks...
My son's namesake Uncle Stephen lived in Marysville for a long time and I've looked at the school districts there to teach in. I'm not familiar with the laws though, I hope someone can help you out.
not sure about Mary'sville but Everett is allowed 6 girls.

you should check the WASHINGTON post in this section of the forum. lots of people there.
you may get hits in this one, but if not check out the Washingtonians thread:

Silverlake <S.Everett> here

Unincorporated county, so I can have my girls.... as long as its not to many lol Honest that is what Snohomish Animal Control told me /shrug We have an everett address but are in unincorporated Sno. County....weird so confusing....

I assume that is like 3-5...but i have 9 so shhhhhhhhhhhh my neighbours dont care
Hey! Cool I live by Silverlake too!! LOL I thought I was the only crazy chicken lady here..:) I have 6 hens and my husband is working on another coop because I would like to try some Seramas
There are certain laws where I live about where you place the coop. I think it has to be a few feet away from any fence line. Also I think it demand on the size of your yard.
Hope I'm doing this right new on here. Anyways to the Sno county people does anyone breed Serama's? I have Laying hens but I'm starting to build another coop to try them out.
I live up in Arlington, so hello to all my Snohomish County friends. Does anyone know of anyone who has Lavender Orpingtons that don't cost an arm and a leg? Also looking for a couple of Olive Eggers. I don't know what the laws are, but I am also restricted by protective covenants as I live in a development. I just bought chicks at the Co-op in Snohomish, and am planning on having 8-10 altogether. I think as long as they are quiet and don't smell, no one is going to say too much. Someone down the street even has a rooster! Pushing the envelope, I'd say, but no one seems to mind. Contact me at [email protected] if you know about the chickens I'm looking for. :)

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