Anyone here raise game fowl?

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    I started getting interested in raising game fowl last year as a strong breed of self-maintaining self-breeding totally free range flock. After I lot of research, I decided to go with the Regular American Grey with buttermilk colored hens. Since then I have spent months and hundreds of dollars trying to build my flock with almost not success. I finally found a Grey Stag (500 mile trip to get him). After owning him for a while, I don't think he is full blood and I don't like him. I don't think he is a very good rooster. I honestly have never seen him mate with a single hen. None of the eggs I have incubated from his hens showed signs of being fertile. Then last week my 9 yr son accidentally let him out and he tangle with my five-year old White Leghorn rooster. That old rooster kicked his tail. When I found he was hiding in a dark corner of my laying coop with both eyes swollen shut from the beating he took. I thought he was going to die, but he did not. But ever since, he has moped around half dead. He won't even jump up on the rooster. I even got rid of the old rooster that beat him and he still won't perk up.

    From what I read about American Grey stags, there are supposed to be very spirited roosters. I just don't see that in this one that was sold to me as a Grey stag.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with raising American Greys. I think I need a new stag, but it was almost impossible to find the one I got, and I can't seem to find another And I also would like to find some more Buttermilk Grey hens. I have spent hundreds on hatching eggs and out of 75 eggs, I only had 7 hatch. All hens, and none of them buttermilks, even though the advertisement pictures of the (supposed) parents were buttermilks.

    It seems like when I say I am looking for American Greys in a crowded room, it's like I said a bad word or something. Seems like people that have them, don't want other people to know it or something. What is the deal? I am not looking for show birds or anything, just some good strong hardy birds for free rangers. Where can I find them?
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    You can get one from however keep in mind that the American Gamefowl Roosters are very aggressive and you can only have one of them in the backyard.

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