Anyone in Chester County, PA use Organic Unlimited Vintage Feeds?

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    Jul 8, 2008
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    There is an organic feed mill in Atglen Chester County, Organic Unlimited. They sell their feeds under the name Vintage Feeds. Anyone know anything about them? They sell their regular organic feed at Pughtown Agway & very few other places. They now make a soy-free feed, but that is only available at the mill right now. I have been using a local soy-free mash, but am not real happy with the addition of flax & peanut meal, as mash is messy to start with. I would have to order 500 lbs to have soy-free pellets made, but I would like to try it. 500 lbs would only last me 3-5 months, so the amount is no problem. I have to decide if running 43 miles 3 times a year is what I want to do. The ingredients are peas, corn, barley, crabmeal, Fertrell vitamins & salt. The price I got a few weeks ago was $20.99 in a 50 lb bag & $36.88 in a 100 lb bag. Anyone ever use their products at all?
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