Anyone in Eastern PA have these breeds? Also breed info on smaller lf


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Apr 9, 2011
I have had a small breeding project in mind for a while, and am interested to find out if I can acquire one of the roos I want to get started with locally.

Disclaimer: I know that I'm asking about rare breeds, and am talking about a breeding project with them not being matched to the same breed of hen... so that being said, I'd be more than happy with a mixed breed roo, if a) any of these breeds were known to be 1/4 or more of their lineage or b) they show at least some of the qualities that I'm looking for, and so did their dad! Aside from that, I'd also be interested in a same-breed hen. (But really, I have to wonder whether anyone would be that unhappy to get rid of an extra roo where he'd be well cared for and have some girls of his own, whatever the breed, I'm not looking for top flawless quality).

I am NOT ready to introduce any of my hens to a roo just yet, but I plan to! I am looking for myself; I'd like good breeders, but am willing to start where I am, just looking to improve other qualities that I don't see in my hens. After poring over a few books and a few more websites, and brushing up on my genetics (I have had great success with some of the selective breeding of plants I've conducted), I've decided to at least find out what qualities I want in a roo, and find out if there's anyone who keeps them nearby... Then I'd want to meet the other flock (with proper biosecurity measures taken, of course) and get a feel for the attitude of the flock, male and female. So on and so forth, I'm either impulsive or obnoxiously thorough, rarely in between!

So, that being said, I am interested in the positive qualities of the following breeds, and want very much to be educated on the negative qualities!

White Leghorn

Desired qualities: 3-6 lb adult, good egg layers (no need for crazy colors, or large size, or everyday), wide climate tolerance (currently in PA, but have land or access to land in AL and AK), early maturing, economical eaters and/or good foragers, excellent broody and mama hens (though not TOO often!), disease resistant

Any other breed suggestions?

Thanks for your input!
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