anyone in florida have a few baby chicks?


11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
hollister, florida
i went on craigslist and i found one person close to me and he said he cant sell only 2 or 3 chicks for my hen he only sells big numbers like 25-100 and above. so anyone around me have chicks? cheap ones? thanks you in advance.
Try searching craigslist in areas close to you. There is a lady here in Jacksonville that has a bunch of chicks for $4 each and will sell 1, 2, 4, 15, whatever you want. They are young 5 days old.

When I was looking for chicks at Christmas time, I found none local, but a few sellers in nearby cities.

ALSO, find the swap listing here on BYC for your area and post a request there.
Oh! go to a swap! Let me look for cmomc Florida swap list, or find nava's sunny side up Florida list.
I will see what I can search out for you.
hollister is about 30-40 minutes from gainsville havent been there in a while lol
its right in the middle of palataka(to the right) and interlachen (to the left)
thank you hopefully i can find something. i have tried to make it to swaps but not having a car is hard to get around. i ride to work on my bike lol

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