Anyone in North Ga. selling chicken eggs?


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I know you wanted pure breed eggs. There will be some in the collection that HenHaven mentioned, some Barred Rocks and Blue Orp that are pure. They aren't marked, though. I may be able to collect a couple more pures for you, but depends if you want to drive about an hour or a bit more to get them.


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I'm not in Acworth but have had folks drive from there and Kennesaw and even Canton for our eggs. We have a variety of purebreds including:

White Leghorns
SPeckled Sussex
Barred Rocks
Production RIR's
Non Production RIR's - Pure Mahogany
Buff Orpingtons

and also
Easter Eggers

Please feel free to pm me if any of these are of interest to you. For pick up our price ranges from $6 a dozen and up.

We also have Black Copper Marans but have a fairly lengthy waiting list for them.

We full time farm so often I don't catch the pm's until late evening.

Thanks and have a blessed day.
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