Anyone in SC wanna trade silkies? PICS!


11 Years
May 31, 2009
Lancaster, SC
I am in Lancaster SC. Seems like nobody is near me!

I have lots of chicks and bunches of colors!
Will travel 100 miles or so for the right deal!!

Silkie chicks ...... 2 to 5 weeks old

Also have 4 Araucana hens
2 white (laying)
2 multi colored (fixing to start laying)
Also one multi colored roo... just start crowing!

One of my silkie hens

My White Roo

Blue baby!

Black Hen
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I have more chicks and chickens than I need also but love to see them all running around. I will be glad for fall when the egg business is back to max level for holiday bakeing.
Right now with egg sales down I can hatch out from the breeds I like and increase my flocks and retire some of my older girls.

I have bantam white Cochins, mixed color flock of standard Cochins, Barnevelders, 3 different flocks of Araucanas (all rumpless and half the chicks this year have been double tufted) and Wheaten Marans. I also have increased my EE flock with a lot of hatched chicks as well as ordered in more.
I have Silkies but am keeping what I have hatched since most people bought out my earlier hatches.
I have black Copper Marans and blue Coppers from different breeders but have a bunch on hold for people coming to buy what I don't need.

It seems once fall and winter are here people have come by and buy me out of most of my birds so this year I raised plenty.

Good luck and don't despair, things will pick up by fall and winter.

(Obviously my brain is baking in the heat because I can't spell!)
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I've been looking high and low for black bantam cochins! What do you have left as far as cochins? And what do you want for them? I'm up in TN but am definitely interested.


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