Anyone in the Portland, Oregon area want to trade coops?

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    Jul 1, 2008
    Portland, Oregon
    I have a great coop. It cost a lot of money to build (husband wouldn't tell me how much). But honestly, I'm tired of the style we chose to build and I'd like a coop that's more like a shed, with full-sized doors I can walk into. I imagine such a coop would cost about as much to build as the one I have, which is sort of like a large tractor that doesn't have wheels. Wheels could easily be added, and I'm about to do some renovations onto my coop to make it open and close easier, in addition to adding chicken wire to the bottom because I've developed a rat problem. Once those are done, the coop should be in tip-top shape again. Pictures of it when it was first built are here: Let me know if that link doesn't work and I'll try again. The coop has sat outside for a few years so it's a little weathered, but it mostly still looks the same. The coop has four nesting boxes, three doors, an indoor roost, an outdoor roost, and ground access underneath the box structure. It also has hooks for hanging waterers and feeders.

    I'm wanting something like this:

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