anyone know anything about ponds?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by animals1981, Jun 24, 2010.

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    we have a self made pond in our yard its not very pretty but still lol ITs an old swimming pool filled with rain water

    ITs had some goldfish living in it for months they are getting HUGE~!! and we put some minnows in it also and now we have 1000 minnows

    does anyone know how long this set up will last? No filters no nothing just an old pool turned into a swamp

    thats a video of it
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    Eventually they will need some sort of air circulation, and then there is the amonnia issue. The most fish creating waste, the less time they have before they poison themselves to death.
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    If you are having to rely on rainwater to fill it, water level is going to be an issue, possibly even before a filter. Floating water plants like water periwinkle or water hyacynths will help use up the nitrates produced by the fish. The plants will also help restore some of the oxygen.

    Do you use city water or do you have a well?

    City water has chlorine in it and that can kill your fish. You will need to fill some containers and let them sit outside to let the chlorine dissipate before adding the water to your "pond".

    I would suggest you get a book on outdoor ponds in the landscape and read up on what you will need for a recirculating filtration pump and waterfall set up if you want your fish to survive.

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