Anyone know anything about turkeys...a sick one?

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    Jan 2, 2013
    Hi all, hope that I can post this about my turkey...I wasn't able to find any turkey groups...Anyways I have a 6 month old female Ridley Bronze... A few days ago I noticed a swelling under her eye...It looked like she was punched in the eye..No bruising just swollen. Other than that she is active happy eating and hanging out with the other turkeys and seems happy. I was monitoring it but it did not seem to be getting any worse of better.. So today I caught her and the swelling is strictly under the eye...I pushed on it, and it is very soft and you could hear a squishy noise.. as I did it again with 2 fingers she opened her mouth a long string of clear mucous came out...Imagine blowing a kids nose...same sort of thing but out her mouth...I also notice some clear discharge come out of the eye. Also possible a little of this material also came out of the one nostril...such a small opening and it is a very thick material, but she shook her head and right before that i thought a little came out the nose. the swelling went down significantly once I had expressed the material out. I have now removed her from the flock... Anyone have any experience with this? Antibiotic? I cannot see any wound so it is not an abscess... and the material is not pus... thank you ..

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