Anyone know good Muscovy Hatchery


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
New Haven County
I got tired to try the shipped eggs. I got the low hatching rate, and was cheated by an Ebay seller. She send me some other breed of duck eggs instead of Muscovy. So I decided to buy some day old duckling. Can anyone tell me a good Muscovy hatchery which would ship day old duckling? Thank you.
Most hatcheries don't sell Muscovy ducklings because they are difficult to hatch out. But I know that most hatcheries will sell Muscovy fertilized eggs.
Southern Farm Hatchery has some really nice French Muscovies.Very nice,very large birds.They ship ducklings also. and their number is 228-255-8529. They are also very nice people to work with.
I just tried this link. It's supposed to be (not .com). Not picking on you, just didn't want people going there thinking they'd closed down or something.

That's ok!

I'm tired of these sites having .net and .org! Why can't it be .com and leave it at that!
I have 2 hens sitting on eggs. They should hatch in the next couple of days. The ducklings will be out of my show quality black muscovies.
I should have a decent amount to sell if you are interested.

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