Anyone know his breed!!!


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
Does anyone know what he is? i know someone who has him, but they arent sure of his breed? any clues?

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Looks a little like a New Hampshire Red, but kind of on the small side. It's been a while but I remember the roosters being a bit heftier than that.
It could very easily be a New Hampshire or Production Red. Their colors vary depending on their breeding. If he isn't too old, he still may have some growing to do.

How are the Silkies doing? Did they make the trip OK? Did Snow sing all the way home for you?
No, he's not a New Hampshire (no "red" in the name) - His legs are the wrong color.

He's a Catalana.
Hey Pennie they are doing Wonderful, Many ppl have already seen them and have enjoyed em Lol, all the rest stops and gas stations, and even the police officer who pulled us over asked us about em. (head light flashes on and off) He goes "are those like lil puppies in the back or something?" LOL Snow hasnt said a peep, but Einstien is chanting up a storm at times Lol, the rest are just purring and cooing, about 1-2 hours from home, Lol i cant wait to get home, they cant wait for the bumpy ride to be over, Neither can i! LOL
Zeus has gotten used to em, and is even cuddling "near" them for warmth LOL they have allpicked Their spots in the car LOL
all in all everyone is doing Wonderful.

And thanks to everyone for the help with the breed, i will have to look up a catalana? and tell them lol

I was just fixin to say, he looks twin (though an older version) of the Roo I got!

I do hope mine grows some nice purty tail feathers like yours does, Morgans!!!
I have had both, NHR and PR. Hatchery birds can have the white legs. It's a disqualification, but they def-def-definitely can have them. Hey Morgan, remember some of my birds?

So glad everything went well, except for the traffic stop. You are blessed that Snow didn't sing for you all of the way. Woke up this morning to heavenly silence. Keep me posted and love the little demons.

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