Anyone know how much ACV to how much water?

Some folks say a Tbs. or two per gallon of water. I just pour straight from the jug, one or two glugs.
I dump the whole gallon in my stock tanks but that's not really helpful.
The tablespoon or 2 per gallon is the usual amount mentioned when filling small waterers or pet dishes. You can't really get too much. They'll just stop drinking it if you do.
I just started doing this today with my chickens. At first they took sips and looked at me like " Are you poisoning us?" -- then they all started drinking it up. They seem to really like it. Other than worming them what are the other benefits for them. I know the benefits for people, but what about the chickens. I tried some older links that listed benefits and the links went to other places or were no good anymore.

Also, should I do this every day or just weekly?
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It's a general immunity booster and conditioner. I've used it in the past for our meat/show rabbits when litters came down with matting of the eyes. A couple of days of vinegar in their water and it disappears.

I've read some great articles about folks using it in a 50% drench for sheep to treat liver flukes and mystery illnesses with miraculous results.

Racehorse owners use it to insure more female offspring and it is supposed to yield multiple births in sheep.

We used it for our rabbits to get more female kits and it seemed to work.

Unpastuerized is best, as it still contains the probiotics that are usually killed by the heat of processing.
ACV has some anti-bacterial properties and when you rinse out the container it leaves the surface squeaky clean. I use a out a 'splosh' (2Tbsp) in a dish that holds 1.5 L water. Never use in galvanized containers- the zinc leaches out and is a toxin.

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