Anyone know how to help/treat this goose?

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  1. VictoriaP

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    May 6, 2016

    I work as a wildlife rehabber and yesterday someone brought in a greylag goose that seems to be in pretty rough shape. The clinic I work at doesn't see many waterfowl and I'm thinking of adopting him (or her), so I'd love any help I can get.

    Behaviorally, the goose seems fine. He grooms and he eats. He isn't terrified of people, but he isn't at ease around them. He ate from my hand today, though.

    Physically, he's almost deformed. He can't extend his wings and he can't fly. He's missing feathers as visible in the photos and he has a ton of broken feather shafts. He has bumblefoot on both feet. His neck is tilted and his tail is permanently pitched to the side. He can swim, though not as gracefully as other geese.

    I don't know anything about his history, but I assumed he was kept in a cage for his entire life. Are these physical traits characteristic of growing up in a confined, dirty space? What can I do to help the feathers grow back? Would physical therapy help with wing extension?

    Also, can anyone estimate his age (he weighs 3.15 kg)? Can anyone sex him based on the photos?

    I plan on taking him to an avian vet when he is calmer and more settled in, but for the time being I'd appreciate any help!

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    Oct 18, 2014
    Despite his problems, he is a cutie! I've never had to deal with many goose problems (haha, guess i'm lucky to have healthy geese), so i'm not much help on how to fix him up. Taking him to an avian vet would most likely be a really great idea.

    I would make sure he has a good diet. Geese love all leafy greens. I give mine wheat grass, lettuce, cabbage, carrot tops, beet tops, grass clippings, really anything that is green lol. Geese are grazers and need some fresh greens, so i would make sure you are at least supplementing his diet with it. Now, i understand many people raise geese without giving them fresh greens, but in my opinion, that seems sad. I know mine actually ignore other food i put down for the ducks, and just crowd around waiting for the greens to get distributed.

    I'm not sure on the age, or the gender. Most geese are very hard to sex. I actually have a couple i don't even know because i am waiting to see who lays an egg, lol. When you don't have a comparison to another goose of the same breed, it is hard.

    Sorry i can't help you too much, but good luck with him if you decide to adopt him! With a little training, geese can make pretty good pets :)
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    Aug 8, 2008
    Aww, poor thing. Good care, green pasture, and fresh air should help some. Geese are not really amenable to being kept in cages. They need to be out on pasture. I don't know if anyone even knows what their true nutritional needs are.

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