Anyone know laws in Kentucky about selling eggs or chicks?

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    I am having trouble finding any info and I just heard that a local Amish salvage grocery got in trouble for selling their eggs. Was told someone from the goverment came and took their eggs (maybe thier chickens too). We have tons more eggs than we can eat and have been selling the extra. I don't want to lose our flock over this. I also have been thinking of selling extra chicks and now wondering about that.
    Thanks for any info.
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    There is probably a difference in selling commercially and selling from your residence on a small scale. Most state and local laws are available online.

    You can call your state Dept of Agriculture and ask what is needed to be able to sell eggs (listing the number that you might regularly have available). I've never heard of chicken sales being regulated.
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    Oct 8, 2007
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    What did you end up finding out? We are getting ready to start selling a few dozen a week.
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    From what I read if you are a small farmer selling less than 60 dozen per week (and not for re-sale out of a store) you don't have to do anything. However you can't re-use another sellers egg cartons (those list the name of seller/producer and grade of eggs).....I just started the NPIP and organic process but for us this a hobby farm and we only want to offset the cost of the feed, veg and other needs the animals require for a happy healthy life.
    for info check your local ag office or the UK ag site has tons of info.

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