Anyone know of a hatchery or breeder that sells birds over a month old

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    Hello! This is going to be my last year in 4H because I am a freshman in college. I wasn't able to raise chicks this spring because I was away at college and obviously you can't raise chicks in a college dorm. [​IMG] Haha. I was hoping to find a trio of chickens for a breeding pen or a few pullets for an egg laying pen that were born in January or February. I know its a long shot, but does anyone know of a breeder or hatchery that sells chickens that are older than a day old?? I can't afford anything crazy like $150 for a pair. I'm located in Minnesota. I don't care about the breed, as long as its purebred and not some crazy laying hen mix.

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    I do. I don't sell day-olds. I sell them at 4-7 months old (Silkies & Mille Fleur Cochins). My Splash Cochins I sell at any age, but they are only 10 days old, too young to sex. PM me if interested. No Silkies this year until I can get some fertile eggs from them! Mille Fleur Cochins will be old enough in July, but I can't ship them until Sept. [​IMG]

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