Anyone know of a natural lice treatment that WORKS???


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Sep 4, 2011
I'm a newbie to chickens (only had them 4 weeks) and to my horror found a few lice under the wings of my 2 youngest girls (6wks old). Haven't had a chance to examine the older girls (18-22wks) but I guess that they will have them too....... I have checked out a few threads on natural treatments, but would love to hear from anyone that knows one that actually works. I am going to try Neem oil as a spray tomorrow, but I think it is more of a repellent than a treatment. The salt water and Dawn remedy that I have read on here would not be suitable as 2 of the older girls are not much used to being handled yet. I would prefer to avoid Ivermectin etc as we are trying to make our entire property is currently 'pesticide free'.

I bought all the girls from the same breeder who said that all of her stock is treated before sale. Does this mean that my girls weren't treated properly before I bought them, or can they catch it from wild birds?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Like human lice you need to do repeat treatments for eggs that hatch.I would recommend putting some sevin dust under the wings,butt,and neck area.Could add some to the roost and their dusting area.
They get them from wild birds. Some people use DE as a preventative but it didn't do crap for me. I use a little seven dust and end the problem before it gets out of hand. I would have prefered all natural but we don't exactly have them in an all natural environment. Also from the feral chickens that used to roam here...they don't live very long without intervention. Good luck!
Exactly!! DE isn`t worth the money. Sevin Dust is safe, even for hens with chicks, so use it. It works on all except the worst infestations, and probably on them too. been using it for 53 years. Nothing better..........Pop
DE is fine if you are treating one or two separated bird in a quarantine situation--it did kick out a bad lice infestation in a rooster I bought years ago so it does kill lice. However, for a bad infestation in an entire flock and coop, I'd bring out something more instantaneous. DE is not instant because it dessicates soft bodied insects and is not a poison.
If you don't want to use Sevin dust, you can use a garden dust with pyrethrins/permethrins. There's one at the Ace store here that is labeled as a garden/pet dust and says it's for fleas on dogs. Some use it with success on chickens. The one here is called Ace Garden and Pet Dust. Pyrethrins and permethrins are not quite as toxic as carbaryl, which is what is in Sevin dust.
I would prefer to avoid Ivermectin etc as we are trying to make our entire property is currently 'pesticide free'.

In light of the fact that the OP wants to remain pesticide free, the options listed aren't appropriate. I've never had lice in my flocks, but if I did, I would apply Nu-Stock in places under the wings, base of the tail and around the vent and then I would dust with garlic powder like one would dust with Sevin. I'd also place a little(and I mean a little) cedar chips under the nesting bedding and place some Nu-Stock on the roosts.

You might also find someone who heats with wood and provide a dusting box in your coop filled with wood's a great preventative. YOu might also lace your nesting bedding with the wood ashes as well.

Nu-Stock is a goopy substance comprised of mineral oil, pine tar and sulfur that you can buy online at their site or much cheaper at a feed store or TSC.​
No matter what you use, DE will work as a preventative. Offer a small area in your coop/house or yard that is boxed in like a sandbox and put DE in it. Chickens like dust baths and since they do this regularly, it keeps lice away. And, it's harmless.

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