Anyone know of a swap coming up near Ocala FL?


13 Years
Jul 7, 2009
Ocala, FL
I still have my Thai Gamefowl that I have to let go in the next few weeks so I am hoping there is a swap in the area. Thanks for any help. I see that there is a show coming up in Lake city but that is just a bit too far.
DITTO this query - anything going on in this area soon??

I'm trying to get some hens again to start up my little flock and haven't been able to find something on CL.
Was there a swap at Barberville? that is a little further than I want to go but if that is a good one, I'd be willing to go next time.
I'm in Gainesville and would prefer to go only as far as Marion County (anywhere) or Jacksonville area to get some new girls.

I'm looking for pullets, Barred Rock and Buff orpingtons are our first choice but would consider others. I just don't want chicks. I've got too many projects to add that to my list:lol:
Plus we're not that experienced, and don't want to get in over our heads either!
There is a small animal auction that is held in NW Ocala. I usually take chickens there if I really need to get rid of them. I believe its called the Florida Classic Horse Sales, but they also have auctions for chickens, goats, ect.

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