Anyone know of where to buy organic chicken feed in the chicago area?

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Feb 20, 2009
Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy organic feed in the chicago suburbs. I've called for quotes from Heftner Feeds in Osco, IL and also CFS (?) in WI. I would prefer to stay local but it doesn't seem as though that is an option.

I would love to buy enough feed from either place to make it worthwhile, but that would be a lot of feed and even with my 29 birds I would be way over and I don't want the feed to spoil or go bad before I would be able to use it.

So if anyone knows of anyplace local, let me know!!! If not it looks as though I will be placing an order to pallet feed in from one of the two places I listed above. But it doesn't make sense not to max out the pallet weight since I would be paying for it.

I love my chickens and I only want the best for them! Hope someone can help!

Thanks in advance for the help!!!
I just found the BEST feed store in the Chicago area. I'm in the western suburbs and it is totally worth the drive for anyone as far away as Chicago. I don't know if this store sells organics, (my guess is no), but they do sell food that is all-natural, nothing added, (unless you want it that way), and locally-grown. The store is called Griswold's and they are in Aurora. It is a family-run business and the guys there know their stuff. I'd much rather buy non-organic feed from people who are one step away from the producers, (that farm in Illinois), than organically grown stuff from California that requires a large environmental footprint to bring the food to me. Supporting the local economy is aways good too.

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