Anyone know this boys breed?


8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
Liverpool, England
I am about to look for a home for this boy (I am right that it's a boy aren't I?) and I need to know what breed to call him. Is he just a mutt? He looks white until i put him next to my delaware chick and then he looks very pale cream coloured.
Many thanks in advance of replies

Oh no! I have heard meat birds dont live very long, is that correct? I really want to keep him but I can't keep a cockerel where I live.

What does a White Star look like? Could he be one of those? Is he definitely a boy?
He hatched from one of the eggs we bought for breakfast when we were on a camping trip. I then found out there were cockerels in with the hens so I saved them for the incubator and we had pancakes for breakfast instead!

He has got white legs.

Thank you all for being so helpful

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