Anyone know what just came out of my hen??


8 Years
May 22, 2013
South central Wisconsin
Year old light Brahma was standing outside of the coop last night just before it's time to lock them up. She was standing in front of something long and white I was wondering what in the world it was! I grabbed my phone and took a picture and kept her away from it. She took two steps and sat there for about 5 minutes just standing still. Then she squatted just a little and laid a soft shelled egg. Then turned around and started to eat it. :-( she's been known to roll eggs out of the nest boxes and eat them also.
This thing came out of her back end as it was covered in that thick white substance that covers their poop.
That looks like a malformed, soft shelled egg, probably without a yolk. Sometimes this just happens. It can be a sign of illness or stress. Can be just a glitch, often when birds are coming back into laying this will happen until their systems are all balanced out again. Also going into spring, when laying tends to increase there can be glitches. At this point, if she seems OK otherwise, I would just monitor to see if it happens again or becomes a regular thing.

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